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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:52 pm    Post subject: Passion...Harte Reply with quote


Here’s your once a week kick in the ass... so hard that it will open your Chiropractic Heart, sharpen your Chiropractic Mind, and free your Chiropractic Soul...

This is a weekly email newsletter, created to aid you in standing on the firm foundation of Chiropractic Philosophy, in taking subsequent right, and effective action. This is so that we can, individually and collectively, act to achieve and assure the proper place of Chiropractic, as the dominant force in health care throughout the world, and so that you can, as an individual practitioner, achieve the success that you deserve as you serve humanity.

Is this about success? Yes, but keep in mind what Dr. Jim Parker used to say, innumerable times: “Money is just the by-product of services rendered.” When you understand Philosophy, the Chiropractic Truth, and know how to apply it (including teaching it), success will follow. The quality and quantity of your services will grow, and grow!

Vol. IX, No. 48 11/25/11

“There is no passion in taking care of a sciatica.” - Joe Flesia

“The chiropractic adjustment reconnects Man the Physical with Man the Spiritual.” - BJ

I find a great discrepancy in how many chiropractors talk to each other at seminars, and in Facebook groups, vs. how they actually run their practices. Many continue to spout the straight mantras: “The Power that made the body heals the body.” “Health is from Above-down, Inside-out.” “The Big Idea.” They talk about saving lives, and changing the world. Many talk of saving the profession from the allopathic abyss into which it is falling more and more rapidly. Yet, what are they doing in real life… in their actual practice of chiropractic? What are you doing? Instead of getting mad, have the stones to do some real self-examination. I, THE AVENGER, will help you.

I am not at all saying that any deviation makes you an allopathic shithead. What I am saying is three things: (1) Any deviation takes away from your potential as a chiropractor to serve, and to be successful. (2) Any deviation takes away from how the allopathic skulls of mush (ASOM’s) see as Chiropractic. Therefore, (3) any deviation brings us further away from the attainment of the Big Vision of Chiropractic.

I know that I have dealt with the problem of massage in a chiropractic practice before. But, over time, this problem is becoming more severe. Several practice building companies are pushing massage, specifically, as a practice building tactic. So are the internet deal companies, such as Groupon and Tippr. These chiropractors are making internet offers like “a massage and a chiropractic treatment [sic] for $35, valued at $175.” Sure, they may sell 100 or more coupons. These are all ASOM’s just looking for today’s massage deal. Tomorrow, the massage deal may be from a spa, which is, at least, more appropriate. None of these 100 ASOM’s are looking for anything resembling real chiropractic. These chiropractors will simply end up making business for their masseuses, perhaps even at a loss to themselves. The real tragedy in all this is that it strengthens the feel-good, pain relief public persona of Chiropractic. This whole “chiropractic and massage” thing is just plain wrong.” There is a chiropractor in my county whose slogan has been “Chiropractic and massage. It just makes sense.” No, it doesn’t. And where, pray tell, is the passion here?

To the extent that you are still “taking insurance,” you know in your heart that you are deviating, in that you are certifying that you are diagnosing and treating. You know better. As Ayn Rand wrote, “Contradiction always leads to destruction.” Even if you are doing well, you dump that old Insurance Whore, and you will fly. You will experience Passion!

What happens when you get ground down into the public persona of Chiropractic, as third-rate physical medicine? You may recite the straight mantras at seminars with everyone in a giant Chiropractic Kumbaya, but back at the office, you are explaining the gross mechanics of that sciatica, without regard to the Big Idea. Every allopathic question must be redirected, so that you can formulate and they can hear a vitalistic answer. Otherwise, why should they bring in their spouse and their kids? Why should they bring in their neighbor with depression, or their sister who seems healthy? The mantras are good, but ONLY if you live them.

Saying the right thing naturally brings out Passion. Doing the right thing naturally brings out Passion. Developing, maintaining and nurturing the Right Intent naturally brings out Passion!

Once again, I recommend two things. I recommend you taking my Philosophy Module. Getting square, getting square again on Philosophy is an absolute prerequisite to passion. Also, get a hold of the New Renaissance, and order something from the old Renaissance, the “Passion” tapes by Joe Flesia.

Don Harte
The Chiropractic Avenger!
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