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Sura 85



“The Twelve Gates of Heaven”

(Named in honor of the Biblical Jesus’ return with the New Jerusalem)

In this particular study, sura 85 will be unpacked and compared to its most likely source – Johns’ Book of Revelation.

Just like legions of other chapters, the Koranic authors have tailor-made sura 85 to revolve completely around the Second Coming of the Biblical Jesus Christ.

The text of the Koran will follow the traditional classic Arabic, and the text of the Book of Revelation will follow the classic Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament.


85.1 And/by the clouds, Lord of the twelve gates of heaven. (Announces and swears by Jesus’ return on a cloud with the New Jerusalem)

85.2 And/by the Day, the Resurrection Day. (Announces and swears by the Resurrection Day)

85.3 And eyewitness and the inhabitants of heaven and earth will be present. (John’s eyewitness of the Resurrection Day)

85.4 Woe to the people of the pit! (Second Death)

85.5 The fire, lord of the fuel. (Abode of the Devil)

85.6 When they are sitting on it. (The disbelievers)

85.7 And they are on that which they do with the believers’ witnesses. (The disbelievers)

85.8 And that which persecuted from them except that they believe with “allah”, the almighty, the praiseworthy. (The false god ‘allah’)

85.9 Who for him the heavens and the earth’s kingdom, and ‘allah’ on every thing present. (The false god ‘allah’)

85.10 Truly whom they persecuted the believers and the believing women then they did not repent, so for them Hell's torment, and for them the burning torment. (Hell for the unbelievers)

85.11 Truly they whom believed and they did the righteous deeds, for them Paradise, the river flows from below it, that is the gain, the big one. (Jesus’ Elect upon the Throne)

85.12 Truly your Lord's mighty seizing. (Jesus)

85.13 Truly Him, He originates, and they shall return. (Jesus)

85.14 And He, the Most Protecting One, the Most Loving. (Jesus)

85.15 On the Throne, the glorious. (Jesus on the Throne)

85.16 Doer with full might to what He wishes. (Jesus on the Throne)

85.17 Did the armies’ narrative come to you? (Jesus’ armies of the Elect)

85.18 King and Lamb. (Jesus)

85.19 But whom they disbelieved in belying. (Jesus’ Elect)

85.20 And “allah” from behind them, one who encompasses. (The false god ‘allah’)

85.21 But it a glorious Collection. (Collected Biblical material in the Koran)

85.22 In a guarded tablet. (Collected Biblical material in the Koran)
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